What Are These Drop-In Sessions?

Hello fellow traveler! Welcome to our space –

As therapy and coaching providers to polyamorous folk, we frequently hear a deep longing to connect with others who believe in ethical/consensual non-monogamy. Over time, we look forward to developing a number of ways to help make that happen!

For now, we welcome you to our facilitated, drop-in support group! The group meets on the 3rd Sunday each month at 3pm and lasts until 4:30/5pm ET.  It’s a place for folks like you to come together, socialize a bit, and then do a deep dive, facilitated discussion into the pressing topic of the day, sharing our wisdom and experience with one another. Please bring your questions, desires, worries and passions forward!

Because this container will be facilitated by professionals in the field with years of experience supporting and restoring all types of relationships, we are asking you to pay-what-you-can for this offering. As you determine your contribution, please consider the fee should not harm you or provoke anxiety. It should reflect your investment in this offering. This is not group therapy. It is facilitated peer support and mentoring. Costs will not be covered by your insurer.

If your expenses and debts exceed your income, or you do not have income currently, please make whatever gesture will preserve your dignity without harming you financially. We are able to offer these services pro bono for members who are facing extreme financial hardship.

We look forward to meeting you!