Giving to Others Improves Your Mood

When our mood is low, giving to others can seem pointless and way too hard. Our impulse is to hide, avoiding others and withdrawing to soothe ourselves or indulge our bad mood. Yet humankind has known for centuries that helping [...]

Weird Responses to Richard Armitage Post

Reactions to my blog post about Richard Armitage caught me off-guard in good and bad ways. Ladies who attended the Social Media Dames Un-conference will recall my brief presentation on the value of good content, even when it’s about a celebrity crush. [...]

Kathy’s Year in Pictures

A year in pictures, a popular exercise this time of year, can be a revealing activity. This particular post is inspired by the Think Kit Challenge of 2013 by Smallbox Web Design. The challenge is to write a blog post every day [...]

How to Suggest Someone See a Therapist

How to suggest someone see a therapist. We’ve all been there. Part of being a friend or a family member means that you support the people around you through challenges in their lives. But sometimes, we don’t feel like we [...]

Menagerie Macabre Invites Enjoyment of Horror

Menagerie Macabre beautifully, comprehensively lives up to the title. From the first notes of the opening solo being sung by a disembodies voice the audience is sweetly put off-kilter. There is a serious conflict between the sweet, soaring soprano and the [...]

“Getting By” Means Survival Only

A child growing up in chaos becomes a survivor. The reason for the chaos doesn’t really matter. There are many possibilities: an addicted or alcoholic parent, sexual abuse, unexpected or early death of a parent or sibling, poverty, physical abuse, [...]

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