You Hurt in Different Ways

While everyone struggles right now, you hurt in different ways. Congratulations, you’re a trauma survivor living through a time of global trauma. Feels pretty terrible right? You may have already lived through this once, if you’re old enough to really [...]

What Is Sex And Relationship Coaching? How Can It Help Me?

Sex and Relationship Coaching is change-focused. I support clients in making the changes they seek in their life.When you want to change something about your relationship or your sex life - NOW- hire me. What kinds of things does sex [...]

Coping with COVID-19

Last Monday, Indiana issued a shelter-in-place order. And here you are, coping with COVID-19. You are ordered, by the authority of the governor, to stay home as much as possible. All non-essential businesses are closed (what is an essential business [...]

Teen with Depression Speaks Openly at TEDx

Kevin Breel, a teen with depression, took a huge risk at a TEDx Youth event. Ever head of TED Talks? What began is a dynamic format for technology and design based presentations has morphed into a veritable treasure trove of [...]

Why Does It Matter if My Therapist is a Social Worker?

If you pay attention, you will notice that different counselors and therapists have different letters that come after their name. MSW, MA, MS, LMHC, LMFT, LPC, CDAC, PsyD, etc. No we don’t list these initials just because we can. They [...]

Suicides Leave Two Questions Behind

Last week a prominent artist in a community I belong to committed suicide on Thursday. I know him only through stories from my friends and the amazing art he created for the Indiana CORE Project last year (see image below). Watching [...]

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