Our Newest Counselor – Dan Bowes!

During the pandemic, we added a new counselor! Soaring Heart Counseling is thrilled to welcome a new member to our team, Dan Bowes! Recently we spent some time getting to know him with some questions that many counseling clients wonder [...]

Quarantine Blues: What We Know

You’re not imagining it - this is unnatural. As a species, humans survived by banding together. Dealing with a crisis like COVID-19 in social isolation runs counter to your essential human wiring. It simply doesn’t make sense to the parts [...]

Safer Sex in the Coronavirus Context

Many authors address concerns about having safer sex during the COVID-19 crisis. Most advice focuses on enhancing your ability to enjoy self-pleasure. Others suggest experimenting with virtual ways to engage. While self-love remains an important thing, sometimes touching yourself just [...]

The Secret to Understanding Our Collective Trauma

Collective trauma is expansive, inescapable, and often persistent. This type of trauma extends across communities and becomes transmitted across generations. This type of trauma impacts us at every level of our experience, from our day-to-day individual lives up to our [...]

You Hurt in Different Ways

While everyone struggles right now, you hurt in different ways. Congratulations, you’re a trauma survivor living through a time of global trauma. Feels pretty terrible right? You may have already lived through this once, if you’re old enough to really [...]

What Is Sex And Relationship Coaching? How Can It Help Me?

Sex and Relationship Coaching is change-focused. I support clients in making the changes they seek in their life.When you want to change something about your relationship or your sex life - NOW- hire me. What kinds of things does sex [...]

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