Kathy Slaughter, LCSW

Kathy Slaughter helps thoughtful, self-aware people struggling with connecting to others learn they have the right to pleasure, agency and love, so they can enjoy sincere and fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.  She is a life-long student who pursues the craft of psychotherapy where she specializes in human sexuality, relationships and trauma at her private practice in Broad Ripple. Her passion for personal growth and self-development is matched only by her interest in teaching others, through one to one interactions, workshops or events.

With a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan, including a certificate in Women’s Studies, and a BA in Philosophy, Kathy’s passion for personal growth and self-development is matched only by her interest in teaching others.  She is a licensed LCSW.

Kathy also enjoys outdoor art festivals, practicing yoga, weight lifting, and knitting.


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Kathleen Baldwin, MSW, CSE, CLC, CYCP

Kathleen is a certified Sex and Relationship Coach with 10-years’ experience working with individuals to support their sexual and relationship aspirations. In addition to coaching programs, Kathleen facilitates Master Coaching Groups that aim to address specific issues for high functioning clients. Kathleen is a nationally recognized sexual rights activist and leader in sexual health. She has taught an undergraduate Human Sexuality course for Indiana University at IUPUI for nearly 20-years She has been certified as a Sexuality Educator for 25 years. Kathleen has a collaborative, assets-based approach to supporting clients as they use short-term action-oriented coaching to make shifts where things aren’t working for them.


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Mary-Margaret Sweeney, LSW, RYT

Mary-Margaret believes education can change the world. This is the ethos through which she approaches her work as a yoga teacher, writer, sex educator, non-profit consultant, and therapist. Engaging with her as a therapy client will get you a little bit of all of these pursuits. Mary-Margaret journeys alongside clients (individuals and couples) as they work toward living their fullest, best life possible.

Mary-Margaret earned her Master of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago School of Social Work. Her training and clinical expertise include supporting transgender clients, particularly through negotiating sex and intimacy during transition; desire discrepancy in couples, assessment of sexual functioning concerns particularly in those assigned femae at birth, and rebuilding sex and intimacy after sexual abuse and trauma. Her practice is informed by Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gottman couples work, and solutions-focused modalities. She is currently working toward a graduate certificate in Sex Therapy at University of Michigan, and is a proud member of American Academy of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT).


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Chelsea McWhorter, Intern

Chelsea is an intern at Soaring Heart Counseling who’s greatest passion is to bring healing to those suffering from traumatic/stressful experiences. Native to Georgia, Chelsea moved to Indiana in 2018, where she coaches family caregivers of older adults and people with disabilities who need intermittent or long-term support services full-time.  Prior to serving the caregiver community, Chelsea served as a victim’s advocate in North Georgia’s criminal justice system, assisting victims of both petty and violent crimes through the court process. Chelsea holds a degree in sociology from the University of Georgia and is currently is working on  a master’s degree in clinical psychology so she can live out her dream of helping individuals of all backgrounds find healthy ways to cope with life’s stressors so they can live peaceful, complete, safe and whole.


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